No. 4 Donegal Seaweed & Benzoin Essential Oil Handmade Soap

Notes: Layers of succulent benzoin essential oil combined with fresh zingy scent sea salt creating a unisex blend that is uniquely invigorating as it is moisturizing.

Instructions: Use as a body bar which will hydrate & nurture your skin, designed to improve your skins barrier function, boost natural moisturizing properties & stimulate cell turnover.


Ingredients: By combining potent levels of botanical mineral ingredients Clarkes of Dublin offers unique and result-driven treatments.

No 4. - Donegal seaweed, Clougherhead sea salt, benzoin essential oil, Meath beeswax & Irish spring water.


    For Bathing

    We carefully hand-cut & wrap this bathing soap made with olive oil, coconut oil, Meath beeswax, Irish spring water, benzoin essential oil (which has the scent of toffee)  this bathing soap takes 6 weeks to make which creates a unique shaving experience.