• Knowledge of the Raven T-Shirt

    This raven design includes the Scottish Gaelic saying 'Tha fios fithich agad' and the Irish translation: 'Fios cionn fiagh', meaning, 'You have the knowledge of a raven's head'. 
    Dramatic and beautiful birds, ravens have long been known to be intelligent, having been observed as both playful and great problem solvers.

    Often associated with battle, death and prophecy, ravens feature heavily in world mythology, including Celtic and Norse myth. The Irish Triple Goddess, the Morrígan was said to be able to turn into a raven, as could The Cailleach, ‘Hag of Winter', from Scottish folklore. In Welsh folklore the severed head of King and giant Brân 
    Fendigaidd could tell prophecies(his name means Blessed Raven).

    Also considered to be the messengers of the gods, Odin had two ravens named Huginn and Muginn, who brought him news from Midgard.
    We have screen-printed our design in our studio in the Irish speaking area of County Waterford using water-based inks, onto 100% organic cotton Earth-Positive t-shirts, which are ethically made, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. 

    Sizing: (Measured flat, in inches)
    Small: Chest 19 3/4
    Medium: Chest 21
    Large: Chest 22
    XL: Chest 23 1/2
    XXL: Chest 25 1/4