• Jellyfish T-Shirt

    ‘Smugairleróin’ is the Irish word for ‘jellyfish’. 
    Rón means ‘seal’, and Smugairle is ‘thick spittle’ - so directly translated the Irish for jellyfish is ‘sealspittle’!

    Ireland has 5 indigenous jellyfish:
    The Lion’s Mane, Barrel, Blue, Common (or Moon), and Compass Jellyfish.
    Sightings of jellyfish are increasing in numbers around the Irish coast, including sightings of The Portuguese Man-of-War which has a severe sting that is potentially lethal.
    We have screen-printed our design in our studio in the Irish speaking area of County Waterford using water-based inks, onto 100% organic cotton Earth-Positive t-shirts, which are ethically made, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. 

    Sizing: (Measured flat, in inches)
    Small: Chest 19 3/4
    Medium: Chest 21
    Large: Chest 22
    XL: Chest 23 1/2
    XXL: Chest 25 1/4