We believe our personal spaces should reflect our soul, our story, and our purpose. It is why we want to bring the beauty, heart, and passion of Ireland’s artisans to the world. We have traveled extensively across Ireland’s counties to partner with the finest master artisans, blending tradition with modernity.

Our Story

By personally traveling to each county and using only local materials, we establish sustainable relationships with our artisans. We sell their works directly to you online, and this i show we are able to offer high quality, handmade goods, crafted with love, and reasonable prices.

From the beginning our mission has been to celebrate the artists and people of Ireland, the one’s who’s hard work is behind every product we offer. We intentionally named our store in their honor, and the name is a reflection of Ireland’s artisans, creators, and designers.

Artisans of Ireland is our way of sharing a little bit of the feeling you get when you travel to Ireland and meet some of its amazing people and the goods they craft.

Remarkably unique. Distinctly Ireland.

Our Philosophy