It all started when…

Having worked together on a variety of exciting projects over the years Bernadette and Sean on many of their virtual meetings discussed their desire to be part of an ecosystem where they could help make visible to the US Market handcrafted products made by accomplished artisans based in Ireland. Here is an introduction to the founders of Artisans of Ireland.

Bernadette Clancy

Meet Bernadette – She is the MD of Solutions Consultancy Ireland based in County Tipperary in the South East of Ireland. Her skillset covers management development, marketing, sales strategies, design and divergent thinking and innovation. She is involved in trade talks and knowledge transfer economy with her partners in Argentina and Georgia. A true believer in hypothesis-based business models and forming a great business model canvas is where her strengths lie. She believes in continuous self-development and the empowerment of people to be self-sustainable. She believes in forming partnerships and growing through new experiences