Handcrafted in Ireland

Inspired by Artisans and Their Craft


Unique, thoughtful goods that inspire grace in everyday life. Proudly made by Ireland’s one of a kind artisans.

There’s more to love in Ireland than Guinness and U2, these are only two of the many wonderful and unique gifts Ireland shares with the world. Crystal, pottery, and environmentally sound goods are just some of the things made in Ireland and loved around the world.

We’ve curated goods from some of the finest artisans in Ireland, proudly representing many of the things we love, all made by hand in Ireland.

We support amazing artisans in the countryside of Ireland to build sustainable businesses. By providing a global connection and business guidance, we help our artisan partners further develop their businesses, expand their craft, and bring their unique gifts to the world.

It’s our passion to discover extraordinary, finely crafted, and unique finds from all over Ireland and share them with you. Our store features goods sourced from direct relationships with the artisans, environmentally friendly, with ethical business practices.

Remarkably unique. Distinctly Ireland.